Os clientes da Provide Support se localizam em todo o mundo e pertencem a vários setores de mercado. Eles usam nosso serviço porque concluíram que o suporte ao vivo melhora o relacionamento com o cliente, aumenta a receita, impulsiona o reconhecimento da marca e reduz custos de vendas e suporte.

As seguintes organizações adicionaram o serviço da Provide Support ® em seus sites. Nós lhes agradecemos por terem nos contado sobre o que pensam de nosso serviço e nos deixado publicar seus comentários nesta página.

  • "We have been using ProvideSupport for years (since 2011) . We are a web hosting provider mainly for resellers and the highly customizable chat ProvideSupport offers has answered our highly unusual business model so we can provide support to the clients of our resellers on more than 150k active stores without compromising the white label reselling we offer.

    Their support staff is always on the level and are very helpful with general support questions as well as integration support.

    We are very happy with the service and we plan to continue using ProvideSupport for at least another decade :).

    Keep up the good work guys!"

    April 9, 2019
    Yan Ashton
  • "Provide Support has been a very helpful tool for our company. Previous to using Provide Support our Customer Service personnel spent several hours a day on the phone. Now they can have a very quick, simple online discussion that can usually be answered with a "canned" answer. It makes their life easier and more productive."

    April 2, 2019
    David Thomas
  • "Being one of the largest family-owned restaurant chains in the Midwestern United States, Buona has always taken pride in servicing our customers in any way possible to ensure their experience ordering our products is comfortable, memorable, and delicious. As part of our business, catering select events such as birthdays, graduations, business meetings, and casual gatherings with friends or family is key to bringing our signature eats where they are craved the most. Using the Provide Support live chat program, it has enabled our call center of dedicated account representatives to communicate effectively with potential or existing customers through our website in real-time without having a single discussion over the phone. Not only has Provide Support allowed us to save on costs, but it has enhanced the way our customers engage with us through our presence in digital channels with very limited effort. Our sincere appreciation is delightfully given to Provide Support for making this a reality and for treating us as their number one client."

    March 28, 2019
    Aaron Ozee
    Digital Marketing Manager
  • "Provide Support’s live chat feature has allowed us to offer an additional channel through which our customers can contact us. One very handy feature is the canned responses. We are able to send required documents to our customers via direct weblinks by embedding them right into the canned response. So when our customers click on the link it takes them directly to the online form versus having to send them a pdf that has to be downloaded and opened."

    March 7, 2018
    Tate Tooley
    IT Manager
  • "The CHI Company sells beverage & fluid related parts and fittings to a worldwide clientel. Correct information to service our customer correctly is paramount in satisfying their needs. Provide Support online chat is fully integrated with our website to achieve that goal; getting our customers the right part and the right size.
    The CHI Company's customers use the online chat feature on a daily basis. By having the ability to converse, in real-time, with the customer, we are able to ascertain the customer's needs, allay any doubts they have about a purchase and insure complete customer satisfaction with the order.
    Provide support really is a Chi Company partner in our operations."

    February 2, 2018
    Matthew Chitiea
  • "We have been using Live Chat Provide Support since 2009 without any issues. Day in/ Day out the service is rock solid. Although, for us, it doesn’t generate direct sales, it DOES afford another way to support our customers, especially if they need an answer “right now”. This avenue allows us to meet our customer at their point of need, which is sufficiency enough to continue the service."

    January 16, 2018
    Rick Miller