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A complete guide on Provide Support live chat setup

An ultimate guide that covers all available live chat settings and customizations from our customer support expert Caroline. Use the table of contents to find the part you need or just follow the video while setting up your customer support chat.

Set up pre-chat forms and collect information from your chat visitors

In this short video tutorial we will show you how to collect valuable information from your chat visitors with a help of customizable pre-chat forms in Provide Support Live Chat.

By using pre-chat forms, you can collect information from a customer, such as a name or a description of a problem, when the customer requests to chat with an agent.

Offline form, Leave a message customization live chat tutorial

If you want your visitors to leave a message, when all the support agents are offline or after work-hours you can display an offline form. In this video we will show you how to use and customize your Offline form in Provide Support Live Chat, which opens by clicking on an offline chat button.

How to set up an eye-catcher feature on your website

In this video tutorial you will learn how to set up an eye-catcher feature on your website. Eye catcher helps to draw attention of your customers to the live chat button placed on any website page and encourages them to contact your customer support team.

Message alert, chat messages counter feature overview

With a message alert feature your customers will not miss messages from your live chat agents and your agents will not waste their time on additional messages to remind about an active chat. There will be an alert with a messages counter and the latest message text next to your live chat button.

How to use the snipping tool in the native Provide Support live chat agent app

Sometimes a live chat agent needs to make a screenshot and send it to the customer during the chat. In this case, the snipping tool comes in handy. In this video you will learn how the snipping tool works in the native Provide Support live chat agent app.

8 tips how to take the most of Provide Support live chat

Did you know that live chat software has its hidden potential? It has features you probably were not using but which may be extremely helpful for your website and business. In this video we will tell you about some of them and help to start using Provide Support live chat tool more deeply.

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