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Custom sounds

You can now assign your custom sounds for the console event notifications. Just enable "Custom sound" checkbox and choose the wave file you wish to use

Custom sound alert settings in chat agent app

Sound alerts playback device selection

Choose the preferred device for sound alerts playback. If the chosen device becomes unavailable, Default Output Device will be used

The list of available sound output devices

Improved network status handling

  • Online status blinking on login removed if "Show me as Away when I login" option is enabled
  • Initial status is restored after unexpected disconnects

Redesigned and improved error reports

If you need to report a console issue to Provide Support, you can use Help / Send Error Report to Provide Support option. The report is sent directly from the console now. Additionally, recent console logs are automatically attached so that we can better investigate the issue.

The report also contains more precise information about your operating system version and the console distribution channel

Redesigned error report from

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