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We are happy to introduce the major update of desktop Live Chat Agent App. What's new in this release:

  • More sensitive network connection. The app detects connection issues almost instantly and tries to reconnect so that no chats would be lost.
  • Images preview and copying directly in the chat text implemented. No need to download an image to view it anymore Chat agent app screenshot with transferred image preview
  • Send images to the chat right from your system clipboard How to paste image from clipboard to chat
  • Make screenshots using embedded Snipping Tool. Send them to chat or copy to clipboard How to start Snipping Tool
  • Language switch was added to the app toolbar so that you could easily change the app language at any moment Chat agent app language switch screenshot
  • Info pane tabs can now be dragged out from the application and arranged on your desktop so that you could see all the information you need at one glance.
  • Chat text is now displayed in bubbles.
  • Redesigned graphics.
  • Numerous internal changes and refactoring.
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