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For many companies pre-chat survey is a very important part of live chat service. It allows collecting valuable information from customers and properly distribute chat requests between numerous departments. For many companies having a possibility to collect various information is quite useful not only for customer service purposes. E.g. for the marketing department it is important to know how customers found information about a company and for the business development department information about a country or state will be valuable for successful company growth.

Custom dropdown list in a pre-chat survey

To collect more information from your customers you can add custom dropdown lists to your pre-chat survey. To do this you just need to:

  1. Follow Account Settings / Pre-Chat Survey page in your Provide Support account
  2. Press "Add New Field" link
  3. Type Field title
  4. Choose "Selector (user defined dropdown list)" as your field type
  5. Add field values like shown on an example
  6. Check "Make this field required" checkbox if necessary
  7. Save changes

This information will be passed to the agent app during chats and later will be available in chat transcripts in Visitor Details section.

You can add a custom dropdown field to your Offline form as well.

If necessary you can add several dropdown lists to your pre-chat survey or offline form. However, do not forget to adjust your chat window size to fit the changes you have made. You can adjust your chat window size on the Account Settings / Live Chat Window page. By the way, all updates you have made will be available in the preview sections on the Live Chat Window page. This means if you want to update your pre-chat survey when your account is offline, you do not need to go online to preview changes, just follow Account Settings / Live Chat Window page and choose there Pre-chat survey in the Preview section. Try custom dropdown lists feature out to see how it facilitates your customer service workflow and helps improve your marketing and sales.

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