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Chats distribution to all agents

This chats distribution method is enabled in all live chat accounts by default. The chat is passed to all online agents and any of them can accept it. Once it has been accepted it disappears from other agents’ apps and they can no longer pick it up. This chats routing type is very convenient if your agents multitask and anyone who is free can handle an incoming chat request.

Chats routing between agents

There are two other options of chats routing: round-robin and random. In this case an incoming chat request is assigned randomly or to the agent in the round-robin queue. The round-robin queue is created based on the order in which agents logged in to the agent app.

Load balanced chats distribution

If your agents receive a steady flow of chats and you would like to rout them evenly among them, choose load balanced round robin or random option. In this case the system will rout an incoming chat to the less loaded agent. This type of chats routing is very convenient if your live chat agents handle cases of different complexity levels when it takes a couple of minutes to solve a simple issue and about 30 minutes to handle a more complicated case.

Chats routing between departments

You can assign your agents to different departments. When a visitor selects a department on your pre-chat survey the chat request is routed to online agents assigned to the selected department based on the chat distribution rules enabled in the account. Our system also allows inviting agents from other departments if necessary.

Inactive chats management

During a busy working day it is easy to forget closing in the live chat app an inactive chat where a visitor has left the conversation. To eliminate this situation we added an option which allows closing an inactive chat room automatically after the selected time period.

Where to manage chats routing and inactive chats

You need to follow Account Settings / Chat Management page in your account to select live chat routing option and set the time for auto closing of your inactive chat rooms. You can choose the time between 0 and 15 minutes.
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