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Ícones de bate-papo de Dia das Bruxas

Would you like to give your website more spooky touch this Halloween? Our designers are glad to offer you a rich set of live chat icons for Halloween.

You can easily choose them in your account and your chat script will automatically pick them up. After celebration you can switch back to your original live chat icons either by choosing them from our gallery or by uploading to your account.

Besides using Halloween live chat icons you can upload festive images of your live chat agents and add some bewitching greeting to your pre-chat and offline forms.

Acesse essa página depois de inscrever-se ou fazer login para selecionar um desses pares de ícones de bate-papo para sua conta.

Back to standard chat icons

Nossos novos ícones de Dia das Bruxas especialmente desenhados para dar um toque festivo ao seu site.

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